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My goal with every piece I create is to remind you that the world you live in is magical (just like you always thought it was before daily life started to wear you down) and that there is wonder to be found all around you. And I love to take commissions. See my work. 


You know that creativity feels good and makes your life better. But where do you start?

I teach workshops and classes that help you revisit that part of yourself that you thought you’d abandoned for good. If you left your creative side on a shelf so that you could go to school, get a good job, or take care of your kids then you’re in the right place. I promise you that your creativity is sitting right where you left it: all you need to do is pick it up and dust it off. I can show you how. Learn more. 


I’ve been writing a weekly blog about creativity for two years, covering subjects from DIY projects, to motivation and productivity, to self-care, to inspiration, to interviews with other creatives, and more. Check out the latest posts here.

I also used to write for The Local Good - an Edmonton-based blog focused on connecting good people with good things. You can read my stories and interviews here.

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