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You put your heart and soul into events and festivals that bring the community together. I add touches of magic and wonder that make your audience smile. 

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Custom Art installations

I love partnering with non-profits, community organizations, and event planners to help entertain and amaze your audiences with unconventional art. 

Here in Edmonton, I've worked with the Glenrose Foundation, ID Bohemia, Kaleido Family Arts Festival, Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival, The Edmonton Resilience Festival, Green Window City, Zoominescence, Flying Canoe Volant, and Silver Skate Festival. You can see my portfolio here

Contact me to get started on a piece for your event. 

"Working with Stephanie, I have been very impressed with her passion, creativity and focus when taking on large and complex creative projects. She has an innate ability to organize and complete her work with a high level of quality, speed, and artistic integrity.  Stephanie works well independently, and is truly dedicated to her artistic practice -- continuing to explore and expand her creative horizons by regularly taking on new projects and challenges."    
- Allison Argy-Burgess, Producer, Deep Freeze Winter Festival

collaborative art project

Are you looking for ways to help your audience engage more deeply and connect with each other?

I've created a collaborative pop-up art workshop that gets event-goers excited about making something and exploring their creativity. It has been a big hit at Nuit Blanche Edmonton, The Local Good’s Green Drinks, Meet Me in McCauley Market, and Found Festival. 

Contact me to see if this pop-up project is right for your event. 

"Thank you so much for the time, energy, supplies, and overall love you've provided. It was such a hit! I heard over and over again how much people loved to be able to create something; it really made the experience. We are so appreciative that you were able to facilitate that for our participants, we cannot thank you enough!"
- The Local Good
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Many events and festivals find that their audience are excited about learning and taking a skill home with them. Do you want your event to help your audience grow creatively?

I teach workshops and classes in practical techniques like printmaking and mixed media and in more intangible subjects like mindfulness, non-judgment, creative exploration and observation. 

I've brought these workshops to local events like The Edmonton Resilience Festival and the Boyle Street Maker's Fair. Will your event be next?

Learn more about the workshops I have to offer here and contact me for prices. 

"Stephanie is a gifted teacher, who shares her knowledge generously. She creates an environment of positivity and joy in her classes, offering guidance and encouragement along the way. Her workshop was very professional and well-organized, and so much fun! I look forward to learning from her again soon." 
- Dallas Curow

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