Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the artistry found in everyday moments: in nature, in how our bodies and minds function, and in how we get from place to place. I explore these moments and ideas using simple materials, often found or recycled.

My current focus is on creating site-specific installations that immerse viewers in an interactive, story-filled experience. As a theatre student in university, I discovered that the right set allowed viewers to travel through space and time, and helped connect them to story in a very visceral way. I hope to achieve the same effect with my art installations. I especially want to engage those who feel like art is beyond their reach and give them a reason to access their own creativity, however dormant it may be.

I also use linocuts, collage, papier maché sculpture, and weaving to illuminate my understanding of the natural world and our place within it - drawing on images from deep inside the human body or from vast mountain meadows. Inspired by travel, geography, science and natural history, my work layers fragments of maps and other ephemera that settle like sheets of sediment and describe the passage of time.
My goal with all my work is to awaken a sense of wonder and imaginative inquiry and my hope is that viewers will be inspired to learn and explore my subjects further.