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Five Years of the Courage Gala

Glenrose foundation

Acrylic and found papers, 2016

I was asked to produce a "map" of the first five years of the Glenrose Foundation's annual fundraiser gala, describing what had been accomplished each year. I used pieces of maps to create the texture and used gel transfers to add the text. I completed the paintings at the event as guests arrived. 

courage gala03.JPG
courage gala04.JPG
courage gala10.JPG

Festival Map

Edmonton Resilience Festival

Found paper collage, yarn, thumbtacks, 2015

 I was asked to create this piece for the first two years of the Edmonton Resilience Festival, a festival celebrating all things green and sustainable. It depicts the building where the festival took place, as well as the neighborhood around the building and the North Saskatchewan River. In keeping with the theme of the festival, I used recycled and found materials, such as old maps, bus transfers, yarn, and thumbtacks. 


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