Sharing the love: 15 links about creativity

So much creativity was unleashed at my Easter egg decorating party last weekend

So much creativity was unleashed at my Easter egg decorating party last weekend

Link list posts sometimes feel like sort of a cop-out so I hesitated about posting one. But then I thought, is there ever a better time to cop out than right before vacation? These should keep you busy for awhile. 

This is a great project idea, with a huge following. If I was here I would consider doing it just to be a part of something so big - the connections and inspiration gained would be amazing.

Creative blocks can be caused by many different things. Here are 7 of them - with tips for overcoming each one.

Here's someone else writing about one of my current obsessions: creating a creative schedule.

Another fun project that creates community around regular inspiration and creation.

Think you only have one chance to live your dream? Think again!

An inspiring talk about the power of imagination.

A sweet story of collaboration.

An artist and children's book author on making mistakes on purpose.

Anatomy in art. So cool.

Characteristics of creative people. Take note: these can be learned.

A funny look at A.J. Jacobs' attempt to be more creative.

I'm always amazed at people who can do something every day for a year. The only thing I've ever managed to do every day is brush my teeth. This woman is on her second year-long challenge, doing a painting every day. Last year it was a drawing every day.

I love finding inspiration in the natural world.

A beautifully illustrated look at should vs. must.

A lovely post from a creativity compatriot about what a creatively fulfilled life feels like.

Which link was your favourite? Did any of these impact your views on creativity? Did you learn anything that you can start implementing today? Leave a comment!