#InspireJuly: A Creativity Challenge

#InspireJuly Welcome to my very first creativity challenge!

The Mission:

To stretch our creative muscles a little bit each day in July. To open our imaginations and share our stories.

The Rules:

1. Use the words above as prompts to create a story: either a visual image or a small Tweetable piece of text each day.

2. Post the story you create to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #InspireJuly, along with the word that inspired it.

3. Interpret the prompts any way you want, literally or off-the-wall figuratively.

4. Use any media you want. Try to stretch a little bit and think about the different stories you can tell with each word. Will you sketch or paint a picture? Make a collage? Take a photo? Use found objects to make a sculpture? Take a video? Use found text? Transcribe overheard conversations? Create a map? Of course, if you want to use all photographs that's fine too!

5. Do as many or as few as you want, in any order you want. I don't want to stress anyone out, so make this challenge whatever you need it to be to have fun.

6. Share with your friends! The more people we have playing along, the more fun it will be.

The challenge starts tomorrow and will go to the end of July. I hope you'll join in on the creative adventures!