Sharing the Love: Artists inspired by nature

My linocut of a Yellow Lady Slipper orchid

My linocut of a Yellow Lady Slipper orchid

I spent the weekend at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk. One of Edmonton's busiest streets was filled with artists selling their work and making art right on the street. When I wasn't baking in the sun and talking to ALL the people, I was checking out some amazing local art. It has become clear to me that a lot of my favourite work is inspired by, or incorporates, nature and the natural world (just like my art!).

This Sunday I'm going to be taking part in an exhibit of artists all expressing their relationship with nature (at the Devonian Botanical Gardens, 10-6 on Sunday) so I thought I would gather some of the interesting work I have come across lately that fits with that theme. I hope you feel as awed and inspired as I do! 

Susanna Bauer does amazing things with crochet, leaves, stones, and sticks. These make me think of little fairy charms that you might find hidden in the woods. Absolutely delightful.

Mister Finch makes creatures from cloth. Butterflies, bees, mushrooms. Whimsical and beautiful.

Elspeth Mclean paints ocean stones with tiny dots to make intricate mandalas. Looks like it would be really fun to do.

Angie Sotiropoulos makes props for theatre and has made this sweet collection of drawn and sculpted fantastic creatures, along with their related artifacts.

Rachel Nettles constructs vegetables (beets, cabbage, fennel, etc.) out of sculpted woven cloth. Pretty mind-blowing.

Rebecca Louise Law's installations make me wish I could fill my house with hanging flowers. I came across these when I was working on my window display - they were quite inspiring.

Erika Sanada's animal sculptures are beautiful and a little grotesque. The perfect details are what really get me.

Anatomy! My favourite. Sarah Yakawonis does incredible paper quilling work and this anatomy series is the best.

I follow Jill Bliss on Instagram and she's always adventuring in nature. Her illustration reflects that - you can see how carefully she observes the natural world.

My friend Gloria Ho does gorgeous watercolour painting of animals. Her bears dressed like people are especially fun!

Paul Jackson draw animals and this series of skeletons leaving their bodies is stunning, though not for the squeamish.

I also found Katie McCann on Instagram and I squeal whenever she posts one of her wild collages. She's got quite the imagination.

Do you have any favourite artists that are inspired by nature? Leave a comment below!